Blog Inspiration: Garance Doré

I’ve always loved to blog. I hopped on the Xanga train at age 13, I kept blogs both times I lived in France;  have a few Tumblrs I continue to revisit from time to time. Loving to write and playing with different platforms, I’ve always been drawn to the zany blogging world. In addition to writing a fair amount on my own, I’ve worked with bloggers in a professional context that further sharpened my savvy and appreciation for the incredible influence bloggers possess.

But there’s one blog that really changed my opinion about what a blog could or should be. I first discovered Garance Doré‘s gorgeous blog not long after at launched, as a college sophomore in 2007. I initially stumbled up on the blog as an attempt to read a little more French each day. To me, Garance was the ultimate role model…a fun, fabulous, modern French woman with both incredible talent and impeccable yet accessible style. My Francophile self enjoyed reading her posts — short, to-the-point, yet brimming with bubbly personality.  Learning French in school is one thing…learning how people live and write day to day is quite another.

Her creative illustrations  and street-style photography kept me coming back. Nowadays, her content includes wonderful videos, inspiring series and much more. She pioneered the style blog “avant la lettre”, as they say. And she continues to lead the pack while maintaining the spark of personality that attracted readers from the beginning.

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